Bridal Gowns


Tailoring… the Secret to Looking and Feeling Great!

men's tailoring“Clothes make the man.”  Who knew a simple quote from William Shakespeare would have so much merit hundreds of years later?  In today’s fashion driven society, people are often judged by how they look in the clothes they wear.

One of the best investments you can make for your wardrobe is getting the proper alterations.  When you tailor your clothes, they are matched to your measurements so they fit properly and look better.  Basically, it’s a simple way to make your clothes look more flattering.  If you’re short, have lost weight, or want to bring old clothes back to life, altering your clothes can make you look and feel better about yourself!

Keep in mind that not every shape is the same.  Therefore, when you buy clothes from the store or online, they will most likely need altering services like hemming, taking in, and basic adjustments.  You won’t know until you try it, but altering your clothes will open up a whole new world making you look taller, slimmer, and more evenly proportioned.

Superior Sewing offers expert tailoring and repair services that ensures the perfect fit for everything from blouses, skirts, dresses, slacks, jeans, blazers, wedding dresses, prom gowns, bridesmaidsneedle thread dresses, and more.  Women’s tailoring and alteration services include shortening and lengthening sleeves and pants, skirt and dress alterations, hemming jeans, and fixing zippers and buttons.  Men’s tailoring services include shortening and lengthening sleeves and slacks, taking the waist in or out, suit alterations, sport coat alterations, jean hemming, as well as zipper and button repair.

At Superior Sewing, we will do practically any sewing, mending, or alteration job.  If it can be fixed with a needle and thread, we can do it!  Contact us for a one-on-one appointment today at 563-323-4672!


What’s “IN” this Wedding Season?

Ring in Spring 2015 with the biggest wedding trends of the year!

Before you look through hundreds of bridal magazines for the wedding of your dreams, take into account the upcoming trends that are sweeping the nation.  As one of the biggest days of your life, you want to look your best, wow your guests, and shine in photography!  In order to do this, know the popular trends to help make your wedding perfect!

Choosing THE Wedding Dress:  Some girls know what they want their wedding gown to look like when they’re ten years old… but the lucky ones get to try on countless dresses until the right style comes along!  Some popular wedding dresses this season include dresses with subtle coloring.  Barely there mints, pinks, crèmes, and more are finding their way onto the shelves.  If this trend doesn’t interest you, you shouldn’t worry.  There will still be plenty of shades of white for you to try on.

As for style and design, off the shoulder dresses, lace embroidery, high necklines, collars, and accouterments are making a trend.  Beach chic and boho glam style are also incredibly popular among younger brides.

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Styles: Pastels are traditionally popular for bridesmaids during Spring but vibrant shades are starting to make a trend!  Have bridesmaids try on colors like neon yellow, cobalt blue, or hot pink.  If you decide this trend is too bold for your taste, try dressing bridesmaids in a neutral color with a bold bouquet!  The pop of color will shine beautifully in photographs without taking attention away from the bride.

Also, dressing the girls in an array of pretty pastels is a fabulous idea that is currently trending!  Bridesmaids will love choosing their own individual color and/or style to wear!

The Perfect Fit:  The dress of your dreams can only be perfect if it is precisely tailored to your body.  At Superior Sewing, there is no project too big or too small for our alterations department.  Paying attention to detail allows us to achieve little alterations with big results!

If you find your perfect dress in a picture, magazine clipping or drawing, let Superior Sewing help create a custom wedding gown specifically to your ideas, dreams, and materials!

Superior Sewing can also create flower girl, miniature bride, and bridesmaids dresses to your specifications!  Let us craft your beautiful creation for the big day!