Getting Your Dress Ready For Travel

Destination weddings continue to grow in popularity.  From sandy beaches to quaint European cities, the location of your destination wedding impacts a number of choices.  For example, the dress aug gown 2you choose must fit the location of your destination wedding.  The best way to do this is by getting your dress ready locally before you jet set across the world for your big day.

Follow these tips for having your dream dress in your dream location:

The Perfect Dress:  Finding the perfect wedding dress depends on your ideas, dreams, materials and destination.  Just because you are traveling for your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect custom creation locally!  Once you have the perfect dress for your big day, it’s time to get the perfect fit.  A flawlessly tailored wedding dress will accentuate your bodice in ways you never imagined.  Ask your seamstress to pack your dress into a garment bag and insert a cardboard form to help with traveling.

Traveling Without Worry:  With the perfect dress in hand, it’s time to travel to your destination!  Do not mail your dress or pack it in a checked suitcase because there is a chance it will get lost.  Decide beforehand if you want to take your dress on board in a garment bag or in a carry-on bag. If you choose a garment bag, ask the attendant if you can board the plane early to find sufficient space for the dress in an overhead bin.  If you feel comfortable asking, the flight attendant might even hang your bag in the closet for you.  If your dress is in a carry-on, add layers of acid-free tissue paper in between each fold to help prevent wrinkles.

Eliminate Wrinkles:  Once you have arrived with gown in hand, it’s time to get out any wrinkles the dress may have.  While you can always ask the venue for a reliable steamer or dry-cleaning service to get out wrinkles, you can safely do it yourself.  Hang your gown in the bathroom with the shower blasting hot water and shut the door.  The steam will naturally ease the wrinkles out of just about any fabric.  Just don’t let the dress get wet!

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