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Tailoring and Your Holiday Attire

Do you have a holiday party dress from years ago that you loved, but now you find it to be slightly out of style? Or perhaps it just doesn’t fit you right anymore? An alteration on the hemline or sleeves of an outdated dress can bring it back to life in modern fashion. These are the situations in which a good tailor can become a savior!

From New York runways to the glossy pages of Vogue, keeping up with current fashion trends is exhausting and expensive, especially when these clothes are only in fashion for one season. A well-kept secret of the stylish, trendy, and thrifty is tailoring. Right now there is something of a 1980’s redux in the fashion world, which could be good news for you if you still have party attire from years ago.

Velvet is back! Let us update your look for 2015 and beyond!

Velvet Holiday Dress

Do you have an old velvet holiday party dress still hanging in your closet? Believe it or not, velvet is back in vogue! Bringing a long, full-length dress up to your knees with a hem alteration can also breathe new life into a favorite gown. Bring it to Superior Sewing – we have over 40 years of experience in custom sewing and alterations. We can work the magic your outdated holiday attire needs so it’s ready to wear and wow this winter!

We always offer free estimates for any job, so there’s nothing to lose by bringing your clothes to Superior Sewing. We can shorten or lengthen sleeves, hemlines, alter skirts or dresses, and cinch in or let out waists. We can help you update an old holiday dress, or perhaps just make a favorite fit you better. We tailor suits for men, too! In fact, your whole family can be best dressed this holiday season with a few simple alterations by Superior Sewing. Get in touch with us by visiting while there’s still time!


Transition Into Fall With Tailored Jackets

The days are shorter, dead leaves are falling and temperatures are starting to drop.  Autumn is officially here!  As the weather continues to cool down, this is the time to start changing up your wardrobe.  Say good-bye to shorts and tank tops and hello to Fall jackets and boots!  Dressing properly for the upcoming months is essential when dealing with cold weather.  Before you go to the store for a new wardrobe, take your coats and warm clothes into Superior Sewing for all of your tailor and alteration needs.  We can fix broken zippers, add missing buttons and revamp your clothes after a long season in the closet.

If you’re still unsure about getting your clothes tailored for the upcoming seasons, keep reading!

Great Way to Save Money

Do you have an old coat that has been sitting in your closet for years?  Instead of buying a brand new coat for the cold season, it’s more economical to repair and alter your needle threadexisting wardrobe.  Not only is tailoring surprisingly affordable but it also can look better than new clothes.

Tailored Clothes Will Help You Look Your Best

Fall clothes can sometimes be seen as loose and baggy garments.  While layers help you stay warm, they can also affect your appearance if they do not fit properly.  With appropriate tailoring, your heavier outfits can fit like a glove.  By having a tailor fix your Winter coat, you can instantly achieve more shape and a sleeker look.

Being Fashionable and Practicalmen's tailoring

If you have a great coat that is missing buttons, stitching or zippers, tailoring is the practical choice.  Tailors also have the ability to refashion your coat and create designs based on your ideals.  Add embroidery, trim and accents to give your coat extra style.

If you are ready to fix your Fall/Winter coat before the cold weather arrives, contact Superior Sewing!  We are an economical choice for you to look your best and stay fashionable this season.  To learn more about our tailoring options, give us a call at 563-323-4672 or visit